The Bullet Proof Bank Account

Professionals and business owners have been exploited by creditors and suppliers for years. In nearly every instance, the business owner or professional is required to guarantee debts for his company. Examples of this are leasing agreements and borrowing. Why set up a company to manage risk and then personally accept all the risk? How can this be corrected so that the professional and business owner has no personal risk but retains the benefits of the agreements he has in place?

The Bullet Proof Bank Account is an advanced program that removes all personal liability from small business and personal debt, so you will be immune from any debt collection.

I’m a professional and an entrepreneur just like you. I’ve been doing this work for 25 years, specializing in risk management and reorganizations. The core principle is that future cash flow should not be used to pay old debts.

Do you have a “Bullet Proof Bank Account”? It prevents all debt collections, even IRS, student loan and any debt collector. The program also blocks any wage garnishment without bankruptcy or any payment plans with creditors.

We have different levels, starting with the Bullet Proof Bank Account and then getting $60,000 of unsecured credit for your business, regardless of your personal credit score.

You will then want to discover the outrageous financial benefits of using crypto-currency and the dark web for payment processing; move some or all of your business completely “off the grid”, you decide how much money you want to keep.

Master the Art of Disappearing with total banking anonymity, I.D. theft security, encryption and sophisticated privacy strategies.

Get started with your NINE FREE REPORTS also known as Bullet Proof Banking, by clicking this link and downloading now.

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