The name used for your new LLC can be something simple, two or three words, and you can use the name of your city with the word “associates” or “group” or “partners”, for example “AKRON GROUP, LLC”. Once you decide the name of the company (LLC), you can select one of the following options for the principal address:

It is nearly essential that you avoid registering the company in California, Illinois or Texas. You can still get the same benefits in these three states, it’s just that the state regulations are a nightmare and fees are outrageous. If you reside in one of these states, it’s best to register out of state. The best option for anyone is New Mexico, but most any other state will serve the same purpose. Look for the lowest fees because states like Massachusetts want $500 to register a limited liability company and Tennessee wants a minimum of $300 plus an additional $50 per member (beyond 6, even though you only need two). This is not necessary because it’s easy enough to register in a bordering state for much less. Most of the LLCs we are using for the crypto-exchanges and wealth management will not have a need to file annual reports or pay annual dues or pay annual fees to any registered agent. You’ll know for sure after your consultation. The preferred states include New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio because these states do not get involved with the daily operations of your LLC, or send demands for filing additional forms such as an employer might need to do since most of these are not being used for employees or paying wages.  Several states do not require annual fees or annual reports,  including Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Arizona and Ohio.

Some states allow the principal place of business for your new LLC to be a post office box and in another state. Most if not all allow the principal address to be out of state, but some require a physical address for the principal address of the LLC. All require a physical address for the registered agent. In nearly every situation, we can register this so that you will not have annual registered agent fees. You will also be applying for an employer identification number (EIN) online, it only takes a few minutes and does not create any taxable situation. This is very much like signing for your church’s bank account or a homeowners association. You simply apply as a single member LLC, even though we’ll change this later, and select the option that describes your LLC as a holding company and that the EIN is for banking purposes only.

Even though your LLC will use the EIN for banking purposes, it will not need to be filing any tax forms, it will not file a 1065 or anything because of the way in which the property rights will be established in the articles.  The Blockchain Trust does not use an EIN and does not file any tax returns either. This is a pass-through, tax deferred structure. We’ll use the LLC to open a new account at each of the exchanges where you have a personal account and over time you will migrate your transactions over to the LLC account, and especially, anytime you take profits in cash, you will want to use the LLC account exclusively.

If you reside in California, you will want to register your LLC in states such as New Mexico, Arizona or Wyoming. You can use any address for mail, we can discuss that in our consultation.

Download the order form here, then save it in a folder on your computer, then you can edit and save again, and email to  Select the item for the LLC and consulting services that you need.  Write in the legal name you want for your new LLC and which address you want to use. You can use your home address to start, and keep in mind that this can be changed at any time, including the name of the LLC, that can be changed at any time.  There is a drop-down box next to the LLC item where you can select the state you want and where the state filing fee is indicated.

You can also use this plan to get help structuring contracts and the purchase of large ticket items such as houses, vehicles, vessels and aircraft, along with other businesses and assets.  This LLC is “bullet-proof” and can be used for many types of incomes and assets, such as selling  precious metals, stock, crypto-graphic currency and regular business income.

If you are also going to use the “settlement trust” to replace your personal banking accounts, we just need to know the name of a beneficiary, one individual, and his or her date of birth and relation to you. The beneficiary does not receive any money or benefits, it’s just for the purpose of making the trust valid so that the bank will open the account. This settlement trust is not for estate planning purposes, it’s just to protect personal banking access and has no tax benefits. If you want the tax immunity, you must use the LLC and Blockchain Tax Immunity Trust combination. If you are already using an LLC that does not file tax returns, we can integrate the Blockchain Trust into its operating agreement.

Please also visit to learn about my new membership program where you can have video access to all  of my strategies and secrets along with many pre-written documents.  Those who order the LLC service and consulting are members that can schedule individual consultations  as needed throughout the year, and this is included with the initial  price of setting up your organization (LLC).  The video membership is a separate service with hundreds of videos on every subject from debt solutions, risk management and wealth planning, privacy and crypto-graphic currency and asset allocation  plans.