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Please communicate directly with any of the following consultants:

Marissa: NY-THA@pm.me
Marie: thehealthyamericannh@gmail.com

Quick Responses

Download the PDF version in the “Quick Responses” link of the following quick responses, but they are reproduced here so you can just use them now:

Here are some quick responses you can use if any apply to your situation

A private business that is open to the public, is therefore a public accommodation.

“If a private business can make whatever policies it wants, then why does it claim to be subject to penalties for not following CDC guidelines when those are not even laws?”

On the 504-ADA/Civil Rights issue:

“Why do I need a physician’s approval to exercise a right but you don’t need any physician’s approval to violate my rights?”

Section 201(h) of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act defines face mask as “medical device”.

Where is your physician’s approval?

Where is the court order authorizing you?

Where is the court order establishing that I am a direct threat to anyone?

Where is the court order imposing any control measure upon me?”

Accused of trespass or disorderly?

“Do you have evidence of a violation?”

How can I be cited for a crime for something else that is not a crime?”

If you cannot cite me for the “crime” of refusing to submit to a medical intervention such as wearing a mask, then you cannot cite me for some other crime just because there is no way to cite me for something that is not a crime.”

According to premises liability law, retailers have no “duty of care” when a risk is widely known to everyone in the community. Therefore, a private business has no legal duty to protect anyone from the risk. Claiming the opposite is just ignorant.”

Just because you heard on CNN last night, or your boss told you, that anyone not wearing a mask is a direct threat, does not mean it is legally correct. The law requires a direct threat to be proven by evidence in a court of law, see 29 CFR §§1630.15(b)(2) and (r).”

Ask Anyone

If the same people declaring a public health emergency have been doing that continuously for a year, don’t you think it’s about time they admit that they cannot solve the emergency and then stop receiving from money for pushing this narrative?”

Why is the total mortality rate for 2020 less than the three preceding years?”

Why was Tuberculosis never declared an emergency when it is an actual contagious disease with a very high mortality rate?”

Where is the pandemic?”

Claiming there is a pandemic is not a legal defense to violating the law and violating my rights.”

No Duty of Care and No Direct Threat

This is the video covering “No Duty of Care and No Direct Threat”.

Marie or Marissa will help collect the pertinent information regarding your situation and create a statement of the facts that will be used as an affidavit if you file a lawsuit. Ask for the intake form please, but we will need to know your name and address, county, name address and county of other party (business, school, agency etc.) and the facts, in date order.

These are form letters by category of dispute that you can edit and modify as needed for your situation, and have us review them before sending. You will need to visit www.libreofffice.org and download a free copy of LibreOffice (similar to MS Word) so that you can edit these documents without altering the formatting. You can email documents or scanned documents regarding your situation, but please send documents only as one file, preferably as PDF or JPG. Do not send any “zip” files and do not text file images to any of our phone numbers.


Example Letter 1

Example Letter 2

Example Letter 3

Example Letter 4

Example Letter 5

Notice of Wrongful Termination


RE Students: Remove your children and begin a homeschooling program. Do not work alone, there are plenty of resources and plenty of other parents and help, in your area and through our network, just ask. Then, if you want, sue the school, but remove your children first. When you remove them, send a written letter in the mail stating that you are moving to another state for employment purposes. This will likely prevent school personnel from claiming your children are truant. Do not register with any county’s home-schooling program, create your own. Your family can graduate your children as its own educational association, having the same world-wide standing as the GED.

RE Teachers: This is similar to employers, but because it does involve you forcing dangerous and unproven medical interventions upon children, you have additional considerations and these are expressed in the following example correspondences.

Example Letter 1

Example Letter 2

Example Letter 3

Common Area / HOA

Example Letter

Indemnification Agreement


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Example Letter 1

Example Letter 2

Trespass Cases (civil & criminal)

In a civil case where you are cited for trespass but there is no arraignment docketed (scheduled with the court), you will need to file a lawsuit against the business that caused it to challenge the citation and have it “dissolved” or “vacated” on the basis that there was no violation. You can use the standard petition for injunction form pleading that is available here for use against retailers.

In a criminal case, never comply and demand access to the law, the court and a speedy trial as explained in this video: https://youtu.be/KNFY1eyWKPk

Likely notices to file with court

Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Chiropractors and other Medical Professionals

Example Notice

These are example responses to attorneys acting in behalf of a retailer, professional office or restaurant.

First Example Response

Second Example Response

A very effective strategy, I’ve been recommending this since April.

Solutions & Strategies for businesses having licensing revoked and fines imposed for refusing to participate in the fake pandemic.

Reporting Disaster Fraud

Example City of Orlando

Example Palm Beach County

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