April 4th 2020.

I have been asked to publish this “Gold Bounty” by a small, anonymous group of people, who are offering a bounty in the amount of 20 kilograms of .999 fine gold (Au) bullion for evidence of the Corona Virus under the following criteria.

Premise 1: The Corona Virus is a communicable virus and it is killing people as reported.

Premise 2: There is no “Corona virus” and no one is contagious. However many cells in your body already have microzymata that already produce disease that a healthy immune system normally removes. The “5G” microwave radiation, can then rupture these cells and release too many microzymata at once, over-whelming your weakened immune system and then kill you. Most people have a very weakened immune system because they are over-weight, and have bad habits such as vaping smoking, too much alcohol or are on opiods (especially for allergies and auto-immune disorders) or even illegal drugs.

People have been programmed by movies for several decades with incorrect information about viruses so that they will be terrorized and do what they are told, acting against their own best interests. The people behind this and other viruses have been conducting illegal epidemiological studies over the same period of time with other virus scares, against people and livestock (i.e. mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu, zika, sars, just to name a few). The electronic surveillance we have been exposed to has allowed these same people to collect data that will predict, very accurately, how people will react in these situations, both collectively and individually.

Either way, the following effects are caused by this so-called “Corona Virus”:

1. Blame the economic collapse on the virus.

2. Relieve governments, bankers and those who caused the financial crisis of all of their debt obligations under the provisions of “force majeure”.

3. Shut down all economic activity world-wide and further allow the elite to further monopolize and acquire all the resources they haven’t yet taken.

4. Eliminate the very expensive pensioners, a/k/a “baby boomers”.

5. Kill a planned 65,000,000 people world-wide within a few years.

6. Kill 650,000,000 over the next eight years.

7. Destroy certain industries such as the cattle, airlines and real estate.

8. Eliminate protests and lawsuits.

9. Hide or prevent the prosecution of criminals involved in human trafficking.

10. Force the vaccination agenda.

11. Coerce everyone in the world to depend upon government subsidies, a/k/a “basic income”.

12. Hijack the news cycle, distracting, confusing further misleading people into making the wrong decisions against their own self-interests.

13. Use the virus as a cover to assassinate dissidents to this and other agendas.

14. Justify the abolition of all cash and force people into digital currency with a built-in progressive tax without any vote.

15. Eliminate competition by small businesses competing with world-wide franchises and conglomerates.

16. Cost people or survivors billions of dollars for treatment programs that never cure the purported virus.

17. Use the Small Business Administration and its “rescue loan” programs to take down the remaining businesses that manage to survive this first wave of changes.

18. Use the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to function as an agency of a foreign power, the World Health Organization, to dictate policy in the United States, and similar associations in other nations, thereby ignoring any democratic process already established.

19. Shutdown all travel and imprison people in their homes.

20. Create an opportunity to replace the labor force with automated and cybernetic systems.

The list continues as more data is collected.

The “Corona Bounty” of 20 Kilobars of gold is offered by this anonymous group, let’s call it “The Gold Bounty Group”, under the following terms.

All data satisfying these criteria must be included in documents and any data or samples that cannot be included within documents, shall be securely stored and referenced in documents so that they can be reviewed by an independent body of scientists and forensic experts. These documents must be labeled and uploaded to a secure website, and then the website must be published for all to review and comment before any consideration for the payment of the bounty is made. The documentary evidence will be reviewed by an independent body of scientists and forensic experts and its results will be published. A world-wide survey will be taken and the results also published to determine if the evidence warrants the payment of the Gold Bounty.

If no one claims or is eligible to claim the Gold Bounty within a reasonable time, the responsible individuals of the government agencies and associations that are promoting the virus scare may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution for acts of terrorism and human rights violations under international law, very much like the Nuremberg Trials.

Here are the criteria:

1. List independent scientific studies (with full disclosure of funding sources) proving the existence of the so-called “Corona Virus” or “Covid19”.

2. Provide video-graphic or photo-graphic evidence of the actual virus including the identity of the photographer, scientists involved and the equipment used to take the photograph (or video) including calibration data of the equipment, source of funding and location of laboratory.

3. Scientifically verifiable evidence that this virus is contagious.

4. Evidence of the origin of the virus, including time, date and location.

5. Evidence that this virus is not a biological weapon engineered by man.

6. Evidence that any one person may be a risk to the public safety or the health and well-being of anyone.

7. Evidence that anyone who has purportedly died from this so-called virus, could not have possibly died from any other cause.

8. Evidence of documented cases where people died, such that the evidence and cause of death can be independently and scientifically verified that the cause of death could have been nothing other than the virus, and full disclosure of all related funding sources used.

9. Proof that shutting down society is less of a public safety risk than treating infected people just like any other flu or virus.

10. Proof that this virus is an epidemic or pandemic by traditional standards and criteria.

11. Proof that the public safety claims are true and accurate based upon scientifically verifiable evidence.

My office may be contacted in behalf of The Gold Bounty Group.

John Jay Singleton
Telegram @jjsingleton
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