November 14th 2016 Bitcoin Call, RE COINBASE

We hope you enjoyed the conference call. It seems like Coinbase has become a government agency. This is nothing but instruction to us when we look for a new Bitcoin exchange. There are so many of these and what I suggested we do is read the terms of service and privacy policies very carefully and exclude exchanges that are calling themselves a “money transfer business” and mentioning being subject to “FINCEN”, the Financial Crimes Network. As you probably have already realized, FINCEN is just a tool to maintain the Federal Reserve Bank’s monopoly over our money supply, the real criminals are the ones running and benefiting from FINCEN.

This is the link to the call:

Or you can call with your phone, 712-770-4349 PIN 452557#

Some additional items were discussed on the call and I suggested that everyone review a recent article that I published for answers or ideas relating to this subject.

And here is an example of a letter I recently sent regarding my rights to privacy. I have unique way of looking at this practice; that is, I will license out the use of my name, meta data and other identifying information. This is what I sent:

John Jay Singleton
3300 Peachtree Lane
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Hewlett Packard (Pavillion)
ATTN: Legal Department
1501 Page Mill Road, P.C. 94304-1112
Palo Alto, CA 94304

McAfee, Inc.
ATTN: Legal Departmen
5000 Headquarters Drive
Plano, TX 75024

Microsoft Corporation
ATTN: LCA Arbitration
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

CyberLink Corp.
15F, 100, Ming-Chiuan Road
Hsin-Tien City Taipei Hsien

July 15th 2016.

RE Opt-Out Notice

I purchased an “HP Pavillion” laptop today, it’s a very nice computer and I’m looking forward to using it. I have uninstalled the McAffee software, in my view, it’s a virus.

Please be advised that I do not agree to the terms of binding arbitration and am “opting out” of the binding arbitration clause stated in your terms of service or license agreement. I am not required to waive any rights when I buy your products, especially the right to use a court system that I pay for, and access to a jury, which millions of people have fought and died for, in order to bring into our society.

Because your “privacy” provision merely explains which aspects of my privacy you will violate, I am amending this provision with the following “Data Retention License”. Please be advised of the license terms expressed in the agreement at this location:

Thank you.

John Jay Singleton

And here is a list of possible Bitcoin exchanges, bitcoinwallet and mycellium are not subject to FINCEN, but I have not reviewed the others as of yet. Generally, if the exchange is based in a foreign country, such as in Asia or Europe, it will not be subject to the United States’ FINCEN.


We did very briefly discuss the new bootable USB that you can use to access the Internet and email with complete anonymity. We are nearly ready to launch, so look for our announcement coming soon.