The name of this volume is “Silverback”

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I need the Qubes installed so that I can clone that onto other external hard drives. Here are instructions, and If you can install it on a DVD or USB and then I can clone or port it onto other external hard drives, that would be preferred. I’m going to install it onto a list of external hard drives so the end user can boot upace his computer and run the Qubes/Whonix OS from the hard drive and go around his regular OS. It also needs the available space to be a persistent volume so that the user can install additional applications and add files to the external hard drive.

It should also be installed so that the user will be prompted to update as updates become available. In TAILS for example, this only works if it’s installed with the installer, not sure if this is the same for Qubes/Whonix.

It should be installed for a 64 bit machine, and it should also work on Apple or PC. I’m using a 1 TB, 3.0 external hard drive if that matters.

Maybe you can build an .ISO for the entire volume as long as I can just copy and install onto the next external hard drive, so it’s very easy to duplicate since I’m not having tech people use this.

Additionally, please download the Exodus crypto coin wallet application: download the Linux version from here:

and again, I want the software to be installed in a way that prompts the user for updates and so that I can easily duplicate it onto additional external hard drives.

Please also create two icons for these website URLs to appear on the desktop:

Rogue Money

Debt Freedom

Six Dark Web Designs (I can send those as attachments)

The idea here is that I can duplicate this whole system by copying an .iso or with one or two commands, and then plug the new external hard drive into a computer where the boot sequence has been changed to read the USB port first, and the user’s computer will boot into the Qubes desktop and he can work from the hard drive instead of his factory installed (or Win.) OS.

Please also make this image the background of the desktop (centered):