“This is the single most extreme collection of privacy and debt relief strategies I have ever discovered!”

Dr. David M. J.

The supreme court says we don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy when we are out in public areas such as shopping or walking on the sidewalk; however, most people are not aware that the supreme court has also published a long list of precedents that establish we do have a right to privacy while in our cars and when we have taken deliberate efforts to conceal or protect our identities from audio/video surveillance and similar schemes. I want to share with you how you can keep your privacy in spite of the overwhelming surveillance and snooping to which we are exposed every day.

I call this collection of strategies, “Get Your Own Bourne Identity” and they are as powerful as owning your own gun and knowing how to maintain it and most importantly, how to shoot it accurately.

A gun in itself is not illegal, but it can be used dangerously and illegally. The same is true of keeping your identity private in our modern world where everyone is now considered a suspect in some kind of crime.

I will show you how to legally establish a fictitious name and use it to open a bank account and even accept payments in the fictitious name. You will be able to write checks in your fictitious name and its alternate signature, along with using a debit card in the fictitious name.

I know the wheels are turning and you’re beginning to ask yourself, can I get out of my debt situation with this new identity?  And the answer is a resounding “Yes!”; and, what you will discover is that it’s simpler than that, you don’t even need a new identity, it’s just more fun to create one.

We will use a simple technique that will make it impossible for a debt collector to garnish your wages or levy your bank account, including student loans and tax collections!  We will even make it impossible for anyone to sue you and collect any money whatsoever, even if you were audited!

You will be able to reserve a hotel room and travel with your new alias.

You will also be able to have a genuine International Driving Permit, the very same one authorized under the U.N. Charter. This is the real deal.

I will show you how you can receive mail in your fictitious name and establish an online presence with it.

Eventually, you will be able to have credit cards and a new credit profile in your new, legal, alias.

How would you like to make it appear as if you moved from your home and leased it out to tenants?

How would you like to make it appear that you moved so that all of the “undesirables” will be duped into believing it and stop trying to visit or contact you?

What if you’re concerned about your safety and security? No one can limit you on what measures you take to protect yourself. Ask yourself these two questions:

Do I have my home address on my driver license?

Is my home address programmed into my car’s GPS map?

If you answered “yes” to either of these, it’s time to take action now.

Is your car registered in your name and home address and do you carry all of your financial records with you, such as social security card, driver license, credit cards and similar records, I mean, do you take these with you in your purse or wallet when you go shopping?

If yes, you can be in big trouble. My mother-in-law always took her complete set of documents with her, even shopping, and one day while she was shopping, looked away from her purse for just a few seconds, and someone stole it. While she was reporting her cards stolen, she discovered that the thief had obtained her home address from all of the documents in her purse and raided her home. It was a big mess, she had to get the police involved and case the house (with guns drawn) and then clean up the mess for the next few days.

Fortunately, it did not appear that anything was missing from the house and there may have only been a few credit card charges for which she was not liable, but still, think about what a disaster this could have become.

Do you use encrypted email, or do you even known what that means?

Would you like to browse the Internet with total anonymity using a virtual private network?

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean and it was lots of fun and you really enjoyed yourself, only to hop back on the boat later or fly over that same body of water some time after and discover that the water you were swimming in was infested with sharks? Well, that represents most people using the Internet today, they have no idea who is watching them and what information is being logged by “unfriendly” people.

You follow the law, I know. You don’t want privacy because you’re doing something illegal, you want it for your security and freedom and because it’s an exercise of a natural right you had long before any laws were written by people and long before any governments even existed.

But more importantly, and I left this for last on purpose, I will show you how to use and access your money with different levels of privacy, all the way up to total anonymity!

This will work very well for those about to receive a large windfall of money. I’ve already been there and done that, as I’ve had the good fortune to have lots of money and I’ve had to learn how to manage it. One of the first things I learned is that no stupid attorney who works on a billable hour basis is going to know what to do to help me protect my money. I determined a long time ago that I’m going to have to figure it out for myself, and I have.

If you are expecting a windfall of money from an investment or some other source, I will show you what I have done and what secret strategies I have developed and used over the years to protect my money.

What? Is that not enough? Okay, well, you’ll have to join my program to learn more, and yes there is much more, but let’s try some baby steps first.

Realize that aliases have been used by professionals for years, look at Samuel Clemons’ use of his pen name “Mark Twain” and can you imagine if famous people traveled in their own names?

The terms “fictitious name” and “alias” give the wrong idea also. Your name is what you say it is, it’s not what your parents chose for your birth certificate and you are stuck with it for life.

We live in a world that creates new risks to our privacy, and therefore, new risks to our safety and freedom. When these are at risk, our money is at risk, but there are always counter strategies that will allow those with knowledge to restore lost privacy.

I’m not just selling some information such as a book on privacy. I’m going to personally show you and explain to you and walk you through each process as it applies in your situation. Each situation is different and while I generally do the same things for each client, yours will not be like most others. And do you really think I’m going to show everyone?

As of today, I can work with another 22 people and each usually takes about six weeks. I will probably have to revise this section of the offer as I determine how much more time I have to work with each client, but this is what I estimate today.

I’m not trying to get you to join my list or download an eBook, just email me, or send me a text message and give me a fake name and tell me you want to get your own Bourne Identity.  I’ll give you a free consultation.

John Jay,
Fax:  302-295-3566