Do you have a Bullet Proof Bank Account? Do you know how to trade cryptos with zero tax consequences on your gains when taking profits??

We now have written confirmation from the IRS that trading between crypto-graphic coins is NOT taxable.

Crypto-currency exchanges are tax free with the right account.  Bullet proof banking also prevents all debt collections, even from the IRS or state tax agencies, student loans and any creditor or debt collector. It will also block any wage garnishment without bankruptcy or making any payment plans with creditors. If you aren’t banking with this type of account, you’re a sitting duck for anyone that wants to take your money.

There is no law imposing any tax on crypto-currencies and you should not be collecting all your exchange information and then evaluating their worth in dollars and reporting that to the IRS.  If you are going to retain your principal and get the full and intended benefits of using crypto-graphic currency, you need to learn a few basic principles about structuring.

How do you get total secrecy in today’s banking system? Well, the signer doesn’t get any privacy, but his relation to the cash flow in the account can be totally private.

Would you like to manage your legitimate cash flow on the dark web? Suppose you have a business and want to receive a large transaction with total secrecy. I would like to show you several ways of doing this, and yes, it’s always legal.

Professionals and business owners have been exploited by creditors and suppliers for years. In nearly every instance, the business owner or professional is required to guarantee debts for his company. Examples of this are leasing agreements and borrowing. Why set up a company to manage risk and then personally accept all the risk? How can this be corrected so that the professional and business owner has no personal risk but retains the benefits of the agreements he has in place?

I’m a professional and an entrepreneur just like many of you. I’ve been doing this work for over 26 years. I specialize in risk management and reorganizations for small businesses and professionals.

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It is very easy to avoid nearly all income taxes on crypto-graphic currency investments and exchanges by changing your property rights and how you manage the funds.  There is no need to change your nationality or move to Puerto Rico or “change your status”, this is just total nonsense.  You simply change the way you own and manage the property, and that includes stock, real estate, precious metals and crypto-graphic currency.

Please take some time to watch some of my videos on the youtube channel “privacyfight”.  It is entirely possible to invest in cryptos (or any asset) or manage a business and defer taxable income perpetually or dramatically reduce it.  I teach people these strategies,  which include how to take profits and re-allocate them in a way that does not create a taxable or reportable gain.

Legally avoid income taxes on windfalls from crypto-currencies using the only Blockchain Tax Immunity Trust available.  This is a special purpose limited liability company, an LLC,  that is written specifically for this purpose.  This structure will absolutely avoid any taxable event otherwise resulting from using central crypto-currency exchanges.  This LLC is written into your bank account agreement so that you can legally avoid any capital gains taxes.  These strategies work in most other countries, with few modifications.

This is not some gimmick  I just invented.  I’ve been using it successfully since the mid nineties for many different situations.  Learn more here.

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