A Simple Path to $3,000 – $30,000 in Additional Monthly Cash Flow


The current deal works like this, you put down $600 and choose a ZIP code,

we process orders and track your 100% commissions and back end sales,

a conservative conversion rate of 2.2% is likely to produce 54% on your money every 30 days,

Your $600 gives you $900 every thirty days.


Since the mid-nineties, many people have been calling me every week, asking for help with some kind of financial situation. It might be a debt collection or it might be a question of what to do with a windfall (inheritance, etc.) Over the last quarter of a century I’ve created many plans and solutions for people, published over a dozen books on consumer debt, privacy and risk management, and this year I finally published a large number of the actual strategies I’ve used to solve various financial and privacy problems into generalized categories. It’s not that I don’t like talking to people, but we only have so many hours in a day, and I can help more people with a collection of systems and strategies than just talking on the phone.

The attached sales letter describes the details of what information I’ve published. There are two volumes, one dealing mostly with how to avoid collections and get absolute privacy online and the other is about short term mortgages and getting a college degree without going into huge long term debts. It’s more than that as you can see, but these topics are the most important, to the most people, especially right now, this year, 2017.

Can I give you all of the money from the sale of these publications? Can I also give you a share of “back-end” sales that inevitably result from this type of promotion? Would you like another $3,000 to $30,000 a month, just for following some simple instructions?

I usually help people set up businesses of their own choosing, I help create a more robust supply chain, business & marketing plan, business credit, risk management strategy and brand placement. I really enjoy this work; however, I created something for you from my own work. It’s a turn-key, cash flow plan that I’ve used for many years. It’s a dealership structure that I’d like to share with you because I know that it works, it’s not re-inventing the wheel, and you can generate meaningful cash flow within 4 to 6 weeks.

I encourage you to do your own thing, but why not also use this proven system to create a nice amount of cash flow now? You can use this sales letter as is, and tell me the locations (cities) in which you want to work, or you can change this letter and direct your prospects directly into your own lead management system. What’s a lead management system? It’s where you get someone excited about something you have to sell, and he calls you and you have him give you his name and contact information, and either send him something for free or sell him an entry level product or subscription. Not too complicated right?

Let’s say you convert 100 front end sales in 30 days, 100 x $28. You keep $2,800 and I will fulfill the first batches of publications. You can also use some or all of the $28 to create another “funded offer” just like this one and re-distribute the publications through affiliates such as those on www.clickbank.com. After 90 days, I will expect you to begin fulfilling the delivery of publications via a promotional mailer that has the two books in PDF format. Your costs here are about $1 – $3 over my production costs, but you’re still keeping about 90% of gross sales. The real money comes when you convert a percentage of the 100 into ordering the Gold USB or a settlement trust, or a corporation, or some kind of service that is related to the information in the publications. We can work that out as we go, but just looking at the Gold USB, you keep $50 per sale when I do the fulfillment. Once you begin stocking inventory, you keep between $90 and $120 per sale. This is roughly 50% of gross sales. Similar arrangements are made with other items, which we can discuss and detail as we go. If you have a conversion rate of 10% from your $2,800 front-end sales, that’s another 10 x $50 or $90 – $120. This is beginning to exceed $4,000 a month, just from a small number of front-end sales. You can likely reach this within your first 30 days, but certainly within 60. A very conservative estimate of your “cash-in / cash out” within the first 90 days is about 4:1; that is, for each dollar you invest, you get four in return. This is better than a really successful restaurant. Once you determine your conversion rates, it then just becomes a function of how much money you invest, equals a certain amount of money in return; write yourself a monthly income.

The back-end type products would include the Gold USB, settlement trust, LLC with operating agreement (in any state) with plan of use, debt structure, privacy plan, and a-la-cart services for any collection or privacy situation for people and small businesses.

At some point, your volume may reach a level where you could earn a much larger share of the gross sales, and become eligible to sell dealerships. Right now, I am the only one selling dealerships, but the first dealership that reaches this status will have access to special opportunities and can set its own pricing. Dealerships can easily sell for anywhere from $1,200 to $2,900, but maybe your skills allow you to sell dealerships for $10,000 each. This alone will become a very profitable business plan on top of the plan you already have.

How much do you have to pay me to get started? Nothing, if you begin within thirty days of discussing the project with me. If you exceed this time, I’ll make you buy some inventory first. I make my money after you keep all of the front-end sales, and then I give you a nice portion of the sales that inevitably follow. Once you do this for a few weeks, you can then decide how much money you want to make and dial it in. My top sales agents have routinely made six figures, year after year. How would you like to make $10,000 a month? I’ve done that, in fact I’ve paid that out to several top sales agents at once. How about $100,000 a month? I’ve done that also. How would you like to make several million dollars a year with no employees? I’ve done that as well!

People say I’m lucky. Okay, but remember that luck favors those who take action.

Ask me how today.  Send me this text message “dealership” to 352-342-1545 and I’ll call you back.  I’ll send you a two minute, step-by-step plan and we can discuss.

John Jay Singleton; 96 Kensington High Street; Kensington, London W8 4SG, UK

352-342-1545; johnjaysingleton@mail.com; youtube.com/singletonpress; www.aceofcoins.com