Protesting in the street is for fools. You are only fighting with your own police at public expense and you really don’t accomplish anything, nothing substantial anyway. Evidence of this is that people still protest, why are we still protesting at this time in history? Because it doesn’t solve our problems. What will solve our problems is people doing things, changing their habits, opening their minds and cooperating, regardless of religious and political affiliations.

I realize that many of you will not have the stomach for the following list of strategies for protesting in a way that will actually change our society for the better, and many of you will create excuses or believe it’s impossible to do these things, but I can tell you from first hand experience, doing most of these things myself for 25 years, it is possible and we should do them if we want our society restored to some degree of freedom.

These are peaceful and intelligent (self-serving) methods of protesting. Some of these require more detail and explanation but just know that these things can be done, yes some with a little planning, but you can and should do these if you really want to emancipate yourself from this police state that has developed around us.

These are first level strategies, which implies there are more levels, but I don’t think most people are ready for the first level, so I’m not going to list the second level at this time.

Make a QR Code from the URL above and affix it to adhesive labels and circulate on $1 bills.

Cash out of all bank accounts, all annuities, and life insurance.

Roll over your 401k/IRA into allocated precious metals.

Stop trying to be “politically correct”, say what you mean and speak directly, express yourself.

Use encryption, cover cameras on devices, turn off microphone and video permissions.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Internet and use “The Onion Router” TOR.

Disconnect Internet when not in use or at night.

Store electronic devices in a Faraday cage at night (copper mesh envelope/box or microwave).

If you call a business and hear a message stating that “…this call may be recorded…”, be sure that the first thing you say when the employee answers is… “I don’t want my voice recorded without the license agreement…” and then continue with the call. Explain to anyone who calls you, any business or attorney that is, that the call may be recorded for security purposes and then record it. Keep the recordings in a computer file labeled appropriately.

Use an alias whenever possible and as much as possible.

When you buy or sell real estate (residential homes), do not transfer the title or get title insurance or homeowners insurance.  Instead, make one final transfer of the title to an LLC and then write a contract for the “buyer” to simply take possession.  Offset insurance needs by other financial planning and upgrading fixtures.

Use Bitcoin or other cryptographic currency, cold storage and multisig wallets will protect you.

Exchange your extra cash for silver and gold and store them in a vault.

Buy a variety of guns and ammunition, get training, and store them safely on your property.

Convert your lawn into gardens and help your neighbors do the same.

Use only heirloom, non-hybrid and of course non-GMO seeds, and practice saving seeds and sharing.

Convert lawn mower into “plasma fuel processor” (Paul Pantone) for battery bank.

Build vegetable gardens and plant fruit trees on your property and in the community.

Build a community green house, or hydroponic garden or aquaponic garden.

Eliminate trash and trash-pick up with compactors, composting and neighborhood recycling for profit.

Cultivate a chicken coop for food, sharing and trading.

Cultivate a small fish farm for food, sharing and trading.

Can your own food for sharing and storing.

Patron your local farm, support the distribution of raw milk.

Make your own soap and candles or buy at wholesale discounts from those who do.

Buy discounted food in large quantities for storage.

Buy paper products and soap at discounted wholesale prices for storage.

Stock medical supplies, e.g. first aid, and traditional antiseptics, e.g. iodine & alcohol.

Stock traditional liquors, to be used for medical, trade or consumption.

Build a water management or catchment system for your house to filter and store water.

Subscribe to and promote real journalism online and activist groups.

Use cash or Bitcoin, do not use consumer credit.

Replace central air conditioning with ductless system and solar heating for water and air.

Replace toilets with composting toilets (Biolet).

Use private, captive insurance for home, property, automobile and health (no insurance co.)

Place “Mason bee” beehives at morning sun-facing locations near your home and community.

Boycott Obamacare and federal benefits.

Get out of your “W-4” type job and become an entrepreneur (or do both while in transition).

Operate your business, whatever it is, in the “Systeme D” economy, (the black market).

Adjust your taxes so that on your next tax return, the IRS will owe you as much as possible, don’t file that return, then stop filing, stop using your SSN, stop getting business and occupational licenses.

Stop using corporations for business, replace with associations and cryptographic currency.

Use corporations and trusts only for holding title to property and removing funds from the bank.

Boycott the census.

Form a community in which you can share these ideas.

Home School your children, but don’t register or qualify with your county, do it on your own.

Boycott vaccines & CDC schedule, at least for the first year after birth.

Don’t disclose name of newborn at hospital to avoid SSN application, within the first year of birth, amend birth certificate with the following name:


Name your child what you want and record the name in your own private family records.

Use this birth certificate for an International passport, use 000-00-0000 in place of SSN.

Change utility bills, credit and banking into fictitious names with no SSN.

Use a mail box address instead of your home address, and accept mail at your home using an alias.

Replace your home address on your driver license with a different residential or mailbox address.

Register to vote with an address in a county where you do not reside.

Register your car in a fictitious name using the same address where you do not reside.

Vote for honorable and respectable people who have already passed away at each election (write-in).

Don’t use your driver license for identification, except at a traffic stop.

Use an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a United States Passport for identification.

If chosen for jury duty, attend, act like a stupid consumer so you will be chosen for jury duty and then inform everyone about jury nullification and the power of the jury over judicial offices and the court.

Do not register for Selective Service.

Upgrade your car engine to get better gas mileage (www,

Reject smart meter on your home and have it replaced with an analog meter.

After you complete a water management system, disconnect from public water works.

Ween yourself off of pharmaceuticals and get in shape, (P90X and Perricone Prescription).

Replace D.O.E. student loans, with peer-to-peer lending and crowd funding for college.

Assemble community scale recycling to produce factory grade HDPE pellets & glass cullet.

Produce and manage your own energy using magnetic generator, battery bank and photovoltaic (PV).

Dry your clothes on a clothesline.

Install a sub-panel that is off-grid and connect heavy load appliances (AC, Range, etc.)

Produce hydrogen gas and methanol from solar for profit.


John Jay Singleton

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